HUMANO is an alternative and conscious education initiative that seeks to provide children with a natural space full of love, trust and freedom where they can discover, grow, learn and develop.

Our philosophy is based on a holistic education because we believe that human beings must grow and develop in their totality to reach their maximum potential; this means mind, body and spirit. For this reason, joining physical, creative and cognitive learning activities together with nutritional education and spiritual practice is FUNDAMENTAL.

Our goal is to improve the human quality of people and for this we need to educate the whole of being. We promote self-knowledge and reconnection with mother earth and thus, we seek to awaken in the children the love and respect for themselves and for nature. For this, it is essential that their education is based on a daily contact with the earth and with their inner wisdom through meditation.

We focus on promoting self-awareness because only when the child knows himself/ herself, he/she connects with his/her true interests, gifts and talents, and that is what we are going to promote!

We accompany the child in his path of self-discovery by putting at his disposal the necessary tools so that he/she is the author and director of their own learning and we are at their side facilitating the process.