“Many are the children who are raised in an environment that atrophies and incapacitates them, and then it is presumed that they are so by default of birth; even they themselves come to believe it “Shinichi Suzuki, violinist, educator and philosopher

Shinichi Suzuki is the creator of the Suzuki pedagogy, which is a method of both education and philosophy based on respect for the child as a person and on the concept that ability is not inherited but learned. His method is known as Talent Education, since for Shinichi, talent is not something that is present or not in a child, but something that is educated and developed.

Like Suzuki, we are convinced that children are born with unlimited potential which, in most cases unfortunately, does not come to be explored and even less developed. This is undoubtedly due to the false belief that we have that talent is something innate and not something that can be cultivated, as he mentions. However, Suzuki develops his philosophy based on the universal fact that all children are able to easily learn their mother tongue, since the teaching-learning method is based on repetition and constant imitation and positive comments about the work and the child’s progress.

In HUMANO we share similar values ​since like Shinichi we believe that:

• All children can learn. 

• The environment nurtures growth and that it is essential for optimal development. 

• Parental involvement is essential. 

• Each child learns at their own pace. 

• Repetition and constant imitation are key. 

• We promote cooperation instead of competition.

And this is precisely why our goal is to provide children with a fertile environment, full of love and trust where the infant can acquire inspiration and interest from everything he sees and hears, since we know that it is the superior environment that gives the greatest effect on the creation of superior abilities in children.

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