“Ideally, education is the principal tool for human growth; essential for transforming the illiterate child into a mature and responsible adult. Yet everywhere today, both in the developed countries and those in development, we can see that formal education is in serious trouble.  

Classroom instruction has become so routinized and dehumanized, that children often consider school to be an exercise in patience rather than a learning adventure. Even the brightest and most conscientious students easily become restless, and for many, the only escape route lies along the dangerous roads of drugs, sexual experimentation, and outbursts of senseless violence. 

 Teachers too find themselves in a dilemma, dissatisfied with the system which they serve but unable to see meaningful alternatives to it. One major reason for this sad state of affairs is a loss of vision regarding the proper aims of education. The word “education” literally means “to bring forth”, which indicates that the true task of this process is to draw forth from the mind its innate potential for understanding. 

The urge to learn, to know and comprehend is a basic human trait, as intrinsic to our minds as hunger and thirst to our bodies. In today´s turbulent world, however, this hunger to learn is often deformed by the same moral twists that afflict the wider society. Indeed, just as our appetite for wholesome food is exploited by the fast-food industry with tasty snacks devoid of nutritional value, so in our schools the minds of the young are being deprived of the nutriment they need for healthy growth (through meditation, yoga, massage therapy, debate and moral inspiring stories).

In the name of education students are passed through courses of standardized instruction intended to make them efficient servants of a demeaning social system. While such education may be necessary to guarantee societal stability, it does little to fulfill the higher end of learning; the illumination of the mind with the light of truth and goodness. Such education is being imparted in The Alice Project School in Sarnath and Bodhgaya, India”

Humano has been inspired by this educational model and applies it too in its educational curriculum.

Photo by Chelsea Aaron on Unsplash

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